How to Care for Hair Extensions


Hair extensions
You have committed to top-quality extensions. Protect your expense. Care and preservation may make certain that they proceed to check incredible through the life span of the install. These quick recommendations could keep your hair in check and preserve the compliments month!

human hair extensions

Irrespective of the hairextension structure, usually comb conditioner through your hair with a broad-tooth comb. It'll detangle and clean your own hair before design. Use shampoos and conditioners with sulfate-free organic elements. We declare by the Organix brand offered at Walmart, Goal as well as your local drug store. This material is remarkable and is very inexpensive.



When adding our hair we strongly suggest that an experience extensions tech or professional hair stylist does it. It's necessary that the cutting of the weft is stored into a minimal. Join off by sewing with hook and bond if injury occurs. When the weft is cut excessively while being fitted the hair fall-out and will fundamentally undo. When adding your hair we recommend 2-3 packages

Your hair desires the humidity of conditioner to retain it solid and balanced. But NEVER EVER HAIR GREASE OR JELLY. Instead utilize a light Leave in spray. The Organix model functions really really well with our hair finishes. Find it at Consumers , Target, Ulta, Walmart along with other nearby drug stores. In order to preserve your hair in its most natural condition, we advise nominal product use. It's crucial to be sure your extension are cared for within the same approach as your personal natural hair.

When hair has already established experience of excessive oils it's essential. Did and oh we note NEVER-NEVER use Hair Fat...


To attain stronger curls, while conditioning to attain small curls, scrunch hair and leave to air-dry. We enjoy L'Oreal EverCurl or additional sulfate-free leave in conditioner. Spread uniformly through the hair. A broad tooth brush is inappropriate for this kind of hair, you'd need to work your hands through the waves. Constantly be sure your curls are not dry to provide lively waves to the very best increase and moist. Use sulfate free curling products to keep your waves tight.

Scrunch gently with a towel when wet and allow hair to dry. To improve your waves use bendy rollers / curling wands and sulfate - free products for your waves.


Though both hands operate along action to retain your extensions bone immediately. Once your hair is entirely dry, Run straighteners on the hair from root to hint to make hair super glistening and smooth. Using the process of drying, and may increase
Give a bone straight impact. Please Note: Dryer have to be on a moderate temperature stage.


Always use goods specifically made for coloring- treated hair. Just coloring guarded items possess the technology to help you preserve your excellent shade lively and clean. After you colour your hair, use conditioner in place of wash to give extra humidity without draining the colour. Be particularly delicate with shade treated hair, colouring hair that is weakens and makes it more prone to break. Coloured hair requires additional moisture to maintain it clean and gentle.

The Length Of Time will Hair Extensions Last

The predicted life span of our hair extensions is six months to 1 Year. Wash and condition it when hair starts looking used. You would certainly be impress to find out it spring to living. Following the simple steps in our treatment manual will extend the life of your hair expense.

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